Our Story


Why candles? That's the real question! haha well, back in 2018 I had a vision to go into business, a dream that I was walking into my shop! What shop was that? It wasn't clear to me, however, what was clear were the marble floors, the gold and black interior, the LUXE vibe, positive music playing in the back. Ugh! It was a dream that you would not  have wanted to wake up from! From this point on I knew that In the dream, I had owned a business and I would see me every now and then with a brief case, and spiffed from head to toe {as I dress now course!} But noooo it didn't stop there! 

By this time I had met the love of my life, who I had shared my dream and vision with and she encouraged me to pursue whatever it was that God called me to be!  That's when things started to go a little deeper! I prayed and prayed through the many desires I foresaw as a business owner for God to help me focus and grow...

My desire was always to be a professional barber {with the love of candles and fragrance}, but that wasn't the plan for now. Then I thought, Hmmm... SUITS! because I do love to dress {also with the love of candles and fragrance sill being #1}, but God said nope! lol Me: GOD WHAT IS IT..I LIKE ALL THESE THINGS! ahaha! but sure enough after praying about it and leaving it up to him to direct me, Only wondering how could I sell fragrance, I grew a big URGE to start making candles! From looking at YouTube videos, just buying random candle supplies, (didn't know what I was buying or what to do with it), sleepless nights and many, and many dollars spent, I've finally found the thing I love. My love for making LUXE  Wood Wick candles to encourage and uplift you to greater expectations that he, the father has for you! And if I can encourage YOU... THE SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT! You go and be great at whatever it is that is purposed for you! We love you here and hope to hear from each and everyone of you!  

The Owner